Journal: Paper Journal by Papier Creatif

I came across a cute greeting card at Kelly's Flutter by Atomic Butterfly! I *luv* the crown above the initial *B*, the antiqued notebook paper & warm colors.  I opted to do another journal with black & cream color palette and, similarly, used a lot of layering, the measuring tape & an oval cut from one of the papers in the set over the alpha-card I recovered.  Then, three diamond-shaped sequins were added to top it off!  My favorite feature of this journal is the really cute round tabs layered with a stapled heart, sequin & backed with a different paper.  Too cute!  I have a feeling I'll be making these for everyone!  And now, I want a journal with those cute tabs!

Cardmaker's creativity can be quite amazing &, actually, the details that go into one 4x6 card can be more painstaking than a large 8 1/2 x 11 sized journal!  I'm left smiling & wondering how in the world they've come up with the cutest, trendiest, most fabulous ideas!  And, wow, how many layers can you fit on such a small space!  Let's not get into *inchies*.  It's maddening enough for me -- yes, tying ribbons on this baby was *so not* a task I cherished!   That button on the journal?  It has another purpose.  Measuring is eye-balled typically, you see ... you figure it out ;)

I've been glued to my computer for months, taking digital scrapbooking classes & learning my Intuos 4 Pen & Tablet while my waist is ever-expaaaannnndddiiiiinnnng!  I believe I've learned enough PS CS3 until Jessica's next major class.  BUT, I am overdue for a photography class. That is next on the list.  I'm just gonna need to get into a new routine & start PLANNING what's next for me.  New adventure?  Like a trip to Jamaica? Make over? New Job? New Career? New Sport? All the Above?  Guess you'll just have to keep tuned-in to see.  I'm sure that you all are waiting with baited breath!

As soon as the sunshine commences, I have a feeling that we'll all be on to *MORE*!

Here are a few photos of this pretty Parisian style paper journal.

The journal I've been using is already spent.  Time for a new one.  This *Parisian Journal* has been designed for my Mom's upcoming birthday.  I keep one on my desk to jot down websites, ideas, sketch, journal, thoughts & comments {some of which cannot be repeated here, especially when I was working on the TWU slide show}, class tips, whatever ... inspiration or facts.  It's there for me!

So, this will be shipped to Mom & with encouragement to have fun with it!  Not to keep it as a *pretty* thing to look at but to actually use it for work, home, her artwork and/or ideas!


Challenge: Ten Things 2 HeArt~

This CHALLENGE layout combining elements from 3 talented ladies:  Jessica Sprague, Anna Aspnes & Debbie Hodge!  If you like it, click on the Vote for Me Penscrappers image & cast it!  I had a lot of fun putting this layout together.

Inspiration and lessons by Jessica Sprague; cool free kit provided by Anna Aspnes and the challenge hosted by PenScrappers: 10 THINGS TO HEART CONTEST!

The layout itself is a template from Debbie Hodge's Building Pages class in which she teaches various techniques & styles of building pages & the conceptual reasoning behind each.  It's a great class, especially if you are an avid traditional, hybrid or digital scrapbooking diva looking for motivation and LOTS of templates to *Get It Scrapped*, as Debbie says!

PenScrappers website is offering Anna Aspnes kit free and my layout is packed full of the elements in her kit to give you an idea!

Many of you may have seen these photos of Jessica before!  It is definitely time for a Jessi photoshoot!  Marty and her are going on a hike this weekend & I plan to follow along for a while to get new photos of her!  The cropped shot of her holding her cello is one of my all time favorites!  I've used it on at least 3 layouts!  I also love the photo of her walking away barefoot with her cello and the angles of her skirt that flow with the style of Debbie's layout & Anna's kit!

The doodling is mine which needs *REFINEMENT*!  Perhaps tomorrow with a fresher outlook, I'll redo & detail more!  Lately, I have wanted to branch to learn new techniques.  And the best way to learn is to jump in!  I've only scratched the surface, however, Jessica's Pen & Tablet class is filled with many Photoshop techniques that evolve around layouts, photo editing and, of course, use of the Pen & Tablet.  I'm using my Pen vs. Mouse now, 90% of the time!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has done for this challenge!  And believe me, we've had quite some party at the J*S website!  Lots of excitment, challenges & wonderful techniques!

Keep Creating!




Artist: Jeannie - Mardis Gras~

Alo Blogger-Budz!

{Alo = Frenchy-style Greeting!  But don't quote me on that...}

<---- See that amazingly adorable card??? 


My dear, sweet friend, Jeannie of Dragonfly Journeys sent me this card since I typed up a plee requesting that she sell this gem!  In true form, she sent it from her heArt!  I received it today, after digging into the stack of mail & squealing to my daughter, "Oh! Jeannie sent me my card!"

This is a great photo of it -- but truly, the photo does not do it aesthetic justice!  In person it's even more vibrant, if you can imagine that!  The limey-grass green & royal purple stand out.  Details pop & inside are layers of similar papers with jeweled accents & hand chalking {one of Jeannie's signatures}. 

I adore it!  I could *totally* see me wearin' fish nets to a Mardi Gras party {where absolutely noone knows who I am!!!}.  Seriously, this little Hoity-Toity is fun, festive & whimsical!

I commented to Jeannie recently, and I've followed her blog almost for as long as I've had my own, that I kinda feel like I am looking at newspaper funnies every day I visit because I either get a chuckle or smile from her work.  She is quite creative & can really crank them out!  I don't know how she keeps up with it!

I swear Jeannie, one day we will have to all get together for our own rendition of Mardi Gras!  Thank you so much!

EVERYONE stop by her blog to visit & say hello, when you get the chance.  She'll appreciate it & you'll enjoy her beautiful, sweet cards & style!

Keep Creating!  Or as Jeannie sez, Peace & Luv!

p.s.  She added glitter to the beads too!  YAY!




Digi: Collage Obsession Challenge - Marceline Day~

This image is from the COLLAGE OBSESSION  challenge blog.  She is quite lovely and I felt so moved by the emotion in her eyes.  Somehow, I related to her sincerity, empathy, compassion, longing & love-filled eyes.  The challenge called for us to use this photograph and a word relating to longing.  For my particular version, I opted to use an excerpt of poetry written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning - words that I also relate to in a deeply emotional way.  How can longing not be so greatly attached to *Love*?!  And so, I felt some serendipity finding this succinctly, passionate composition.

I haven't peeked at the entries of everyone else because I wanted my work to be original and something from *My Heart*.  Cannot wait to see what everyone has done.  I am so excited to have found this challenge blog which was created by none other than he talented, Itkupilli & Elegia!

One of the finest blessings in life is that we, as human beings, are capable of feeling a connection with Art.  Many times, I am in awe of the millions of talented souls worldwide, whose masterful creations take our breath away; visually, aurally, cerebrally & emotionally -- often times providing a *Compass for our Lives* which can inspire an emotion or a change in direction!  It is so easy to become Lost in this Big World these days.  Our lives are filled with complication.  We need inspiration, information, healing, hope, connection!  We need simplicity.  We need Love.  We all long for & deserve good-loving!

I believe Elizabeth Barrett Browning's writings reveal to us that, for her, Love's Genuine Calling is a Blessing from God & deserving of every soul. 

Love is truly *One of Life's Greatest Blessings* in the Universe!

Here is her excerpt:

Isn't that lovely?  I've become the latest fan of Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Marceline Day! 

I know what's in *My HeArt*!  Do you know what's in Yours? 

Please, if you feel inspired, post your thoughts about this writing & let them *FLY*!!!

Materials List~

  • Marceline Day photo from COLLAGE OBSESSION
  • Katrinzzz @ deviantArt, Cracked-Paint-Textures, garden 11
  • SheisPretty @ deviantArt, Antique1_by_SheisPretty Stock
  • Texture, Skeletalmask @ Flickr
  • Poetry, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    {Hugs Sistahs ~n~ Bruthahs}



    Digi: Life is Remembered by Moments Shared~


    I'm still having fun with my new Intuos 4 Pen & Tablet!  I've been distracted learning how to program it and getting acclamated to using it as a replacement for my mouse!  So far, so good!  The last two posts have been completed using it and it's pretty fun.

    I enjoyed my *Road Trip* to Houston for Mason's golf tourny.  Great experience for the boys team, although they finished in the lower third of the standings.  I do see individual improvements in most of the boys scores and hope they do well next year as Seniors!  I also spent some time lunching & shopping with Jacq for some Mother-Daughter bonding.  And went to lunch with Hols today!  Fun stuff!  Hopefully, I'll begin working again on the golf album for Mason.  I think that it is really gonna turn out cool!

    It rained all the way in to Houston, I drove past my exit and wound up eating a Hershey's Crackle for dinner - lol ...  But treated myself to Guadelajara Restaurant the following evening and made up for it!  The weather was in the 50s with a wind chill that felt like the 30s!  Poor kids - no wonder their averages dropped as quickly as the temperature!  Got some great photographs of the kids but was very happy to get back home.  The Dallas mix master, however, was like the Indianapolis 500 coming back!  Who engineered that monstrosity??

    *Life is Remembered By Moments Shared*

    I thought this would make a cute album cover.  The layout transitioned into this, as I was supposed to use a label on a layout.  I attempted hand written font - but I still need practice and a class in Calligraphy! {Along with more PS, P&T and Photography classes!}

    Materials List~

    • Damask Paper, Jessica Sprague-TableKit-Papers-JS-06.jpg
    • Curvy Tags {2}, Jessica Sprague-JS-Princesa-E-CurvyTags
    • Label, Jessica Sprague, CW-PaperLabel 05
    • Red Flourish, SummerDriggs_Believe_BlankWordart.png
    • Rhonna Farrer Stamps
    • Heart, Anna As, AASPN_Passion_BradSquareMiniHeart

      Keep Creating & Hope to Catch Up With You Soon!




      Digi: Golf Road Trip Layout

      This is my first layout completed with my new Intuos 4 pen & tablet.  Jessica Sprague is currently having a Pen Tablet Basics class.  I had to get my *fix* and it's a lotta fun.  Learning more and more about Photoshop.