Digiscrap - Serendipity~

Check out the elements of this really cute digital scrapbook set from The Shabby Shoppe!

I love the whimsical colors and *tweets*! Have you all noticed the influx of *tweety* birds with the advent of Twitter? They are adorable! You can't help but love them!
The tones of the background and clothing are soft & cheery, making this photo that much more perfect!!

This is a darling photo of Whit, best friend and cousins, after her 1st win on Saturday. Her lifetime bestfriend's family moved here to Texas about 5 years ago and watched Whit play us. Jessi and Jacq came to support her too! Whit quipped, "Hey! There are more people watching me here than at home!" Perhaps all at one time, but she gets lots of attention from EVERYONE! She's fun to watch in action, ON & OFF the court!