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I got my Covey Blush Pink classic planner

and It's Goin' Down --  My Printer is Humming

Look, it has been a while since I've used a planner.  Along with the fact that my tattered, overused Address Books are a hot mess. It is way past time to redo + streamline!  I started out designing an Address Book | Reference Sheet and kept designing . . . 

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
{print*works collection}

Chances are, if you're reading this, you don't know me.  I'll share a few facts + things I enjoy:
  • I used to be an Executive Secretary for 8 Years
  • I owned an Interior Decorating company for over 12 Years
  • I love the computer and programs like Excel, QuickBooks and Word
  • I have a huge passion for Photoshop
  • I feel like I need to add something cute like, "I love coffee + my dogs!" Here goes ...
  • I love watching Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, The Big Bang Theory and Persons of Interest
  • I have 3 pairs of dogs:  Maltese, Papillon and Great Pyrenees {I'll add some pics}
  • I'm an Empty Nester and was an Orchestra, Soccer + (is) Golf Mom with 2 collegiate athletes and a cellist.
  • I enjoy working in the yard + bringing my roses back to life. My husband digs the holes for my new plants + flowers and sprinkler leaks.
  • My Pinterest board is AmbianceDecorTX
  • I pig out on coconut cream pie or chocolate chip cookies at bedtime, in bed, while watching HGTV
  • I fall asleep watching HGTV
  • I'm eating a bag of Ruffles potato chips at this very second because I skipped lunch so I could work on FLOURISH!
  • When I go to Steinmart, I rarely pass up the chance to buy a Ghiradelli milk chocolate + carmel bar
  • Obviously, skipping lunch wasn't a great idea :)
  • I failed the 30-Day Abs Challenge but will try again once I am caught up here!
  • I rarely give up, even when I fail.
  • I believe in always trying to improve myself.  
  • I listen to Joel Osteen messages because he is awesome.  He inspired me in many ways and encouraged me to start designing again after a short hiatus.  

"The best is yet to come."  Joel Osteen

If you've purchased any of my digital products, you know and it's been mentioned before, that I am highly organized.  Any position I've had, it's always been "my thing", "my strength".  "Julie is so organized!" I'm lucky, I can keep a lot of it in my head, jot some notes down and roll with it. However, it's true, write it down and I accomplish more.  With my effort toward digital design and other aspects in my life, I stopped buying a planner.  I had used Covey for business and became relaxed about my planner working from home.  I began documenting and recording lists and notes on legal pads and the backs of envelopes, while trying to find space in my Address Book for new sites and info.  I cannot tell you how many phone calls I had while scrambling to look for something to write with and a place to write it down.  I was missing my Planner.  I decided time to buy a new one and organize my work flow and life. 

The REAL NEWS is my career + computer experience provided its own inspiration while designing this beautiful planner. It is matter of fact and to the point.  This planner IS versatile in the way it is set-up.   General columns are provided for tailoring the sheets towards your own interests, projects and day.  The charming design and expandable layout gives you more space for detail.  The 4 column Daily Tasks Checklist is my favorite page because my line of work is task oriented.  

  • Yearly Reference 2-Page
  • Monthly Grid Style 2-Page for Planning
  • Weekly 2-Page Pre-dated
  • Daily Tasks 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Weekly Goals 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Monthly Goals 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Names | Numbers 2-Page
  • Websites 2-Page
  • Website Admin {very techy-wish I'd had this before} 2-Page
  • Customer Support 2-Page for Documenting Product + Tech Issues/Resolution
  • Greeting Cards 2-Page
  • Monthly Events 2-Page with 3 Month Layout
  • Blog Post | Social Media 2-Page Post Development | Social Media Columns with 2 sections
  • Bokeh Butterfly Image Dividers 
  • Planner Cover 
  • Planner Back Page
  • Grid Paper

I love many of the planner accessories that are currently trending the market.  I have actually purchased some gold paper clips to match the binder rings -- soooo pretty!  While I was at it, I felt pressured to purchase washi tape because I'm a digital designer. I have washi tape in a digital kit but I've never owned a roll. I felt sorta guilty for that while I stood in the aisle with sample sheets scanning every row of an 8' shelf for the perfect patterns to coordinate. I haven't opened them yet.  If I do, I'll probably get hooked. Then, I snagged a few more items, like a Pentel BL407 Pink Pen, clear 5.5 x 8.5 plastic sheet protectors, and a golf club Post It note holder for my son.   I thought my son would find the golf club item funny ... it was on sale. It's very clunky.  He'll think of me :)  The main reason for the trip was to have a ream of 28 lb. paper cut to half size. No more hand cutting every sample page I print!  I love zippin' these babies off the printer!  The classic size 5.5 x 8.5 is a neat size paper.  Not too big; Not too small.  I am able to get more details on a page, when needed.

I enjoy spending time developing + focusing on products for women like myself, who want something that is fresh + pretty, concise, useful, inspiring and entices them to use it for their own creative and professional purposes!  If you buy my planner, you will not be required to purchase colored markers + glittered stickers.  If that is you're thing, it's okay, I won't tell a soul.  I know that professional women, crafty women and moms of all ages would love the Flourish Planner Collection. It's detailed, fun yet *down to biz*!  Kinda like myself and a bunch of you!

There are many things I like about the FLOURISH PLANNER Collection, namely the convenience of having your most important information and ideas in an all-in-one desk style planner.  I believe the whole cell phone and social media thing pushed away my urge for a paper planner.  But what do you do when your cell phone wipes out?  And when I need to write something quickly?  I prefer one place to jot down appointments vs. back and forth to the computer, iPad or phone.

This is a great product from the ombre blush pink color palette, to the sweet hand-drawn floral background. I am also VERY HAPPY to have a binder + planner back in my hands.  The tactile essence of paper is what it's all about.  Print on 28 lb. paper. It just feels great, with a smoothness + subtle weight that speaks quality.

Take a look at the previews, any questions, just ask.   You can also SHOP MY ETSY and read more. I will be writing a few more posts about the Flourish 2016 Printable Planner over my Blog.

Please print a sample!  Check my TWITTER feed for it!

. . . flourish . . .


. . . with a pretty new planner . . .

IN 2016

If you're a dog lover, here are a few photos of my pack!  They are my Fur Babies  :)

Emma + Tiger






Texture Tuesday: Wintery Day

Kim Klassen dot com

A cold front + blanket of sleet swept across Texas over the early morning hours making for a nice wintery day.  Time to grab the camera, take photos of these beautiful furr-babies and add one of Kim Klassen's textures for a frostier effect.

Dogs were let out.

Coffee was brewed.

Dogs, T O T A L L Y   H A P P Y.


Vintage Valentines Digital Scrapbook Kit

Vintage Valentine is a romantic digital scrapbook kit that is also great for birthdays, anniversaries, or fun lovin' digital scrapbook layouts!  

The first 2 previews are of the Vintage Valentine {mega*works} Collection.  As a bonus I have added the glitzy hearts to be included in the downloads.

The Vintage Valentine Heart Overlays are a CU product that work great to use for layering, add dimension to papers, as well as stationary.  They are 12x12" and can be scaled down as needed with a photo editing program like Photoshop or Gimp.  I have used these on several of the papers in the {mega*works} collection that turned out very cool.  Change up the blending modes and opacity to change up the look of your project!

All available at MY ETSY!


Hearts Clip Art

The Vintage Valentine Collection by Papier Creatif includes super sweet CU /PU / S4O / S4H ok digital products.  There are 3 - 12x12 Cascading Heart Overlays and 6 - Glitzy Glittered Hearts clip art {png format/300 dpi}.  Awesome for adding depth to layouts, creating digital papers, card making, stationary!

So pretty + fun!



I Love You More

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I designed a new kit with lots of colorful flowers and cascading heart papers.  Here are 3 layouts created with soon to be released, Vintage Valentine!  The layouts feature three of my fur babies, Gigi, Emma + Tiger.  Will have this kit zipped up and ready in my ETSY shop.  And be sure to check out the special 50% off storewide sale.  Simply use the coupon code provided at the top section of the store at checkout.