New Product: Papier Creatif Design*Works

Here is some new Blog Candy
designed for Dragonfly Journeys.
Jeannie creates super cute, crafty cards,
is a design team member 
and also participates in several creative challenges.
Her greeting cards are so fun and warm hearted.  
Visit her blog and browse the posts!

I've told Jeannie that I liken her Blog
to the Daily Newspaper Funnies.  :)

 I have added Papier Creatif design*works service
into the mix of my digital product line.
 You are welcome to contact me
if you need design assistance with your Blog.

I strive to provide great service and detailed designs 
that echo the products and message 
you want to convey to your Blog's readers.

The fees are reasonable and well,
I think I nailed this logo and sidebar button ;)
Just sayin'  . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Digital Winter Kit: Frosty Holidays - Conny Samberg Layout

L E T   I T   S N O W

Conny Samberg is the phenomenal digital layout artist who designed this artful layout using my Frosty Holidays kit. I stumbled across her talent this winter and became a fan instantly.  Her layering is impeccable and eye for color is always on queue.  Her blog is Conny's Digital Scrapbook Art.

Examples of how she uses elements to balance and create depth on a page:
  • Layering
  • Using odd numbers of elements
  • Triangulating similar elements or color
  • Balancing colors across from each other
  • Adding a unique element to a similar grouping for interest 
  • Gauging drop shadows for more depth
A few of my favorite things she's done here {besides EVERYTHING}, is she enlarged one style of snowflake for added texture and layered the lilac fabric flower.  To add a touch of uniqueness, notice how she offset one of the flowers a bit and ensured that a different side of that element is shown when duplicated.  Love how she arranges the floral elements ~ just beautiful!

As I design more kits, each becomes my favorite.  This kit is available on MY ETSY - FROSTY HOLIDAYS. Perfect for a Frosty Winter Digital Kit, as well as Digital Christmas Kit.  Beautiful lace, snowflakes, digital fairies, fabric flowers in cool tones of blue, lilac, sage and parchment. The distressed papers are great too.  Scroll down the Blog to see additional layouts created for inspiration.  Lots of wonderful feedback from customers.  Thank You!


20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: July - Good Ol Summertime

G O O D  O L'  S U M M E R T I M E

Thank you for visiting Papier Creatif Studio Scrapbook*Works!

This is my Monthly *On This Day* Template for the 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases project. I adore this image of the little girl with her dog.  Such contentment and happiness!  I still have a few more to do for this project.  These pages will be used in a Photobook as dividers for other digital scrapbook layouts I've done for my family + friends.

Hope you enjoy and that her happiness adds a little sunshine to your day!

If interested, here is the link to MY ETSY STORE for the KIT - Good Old Summertime used on this layout.  Be sure to click through all the product preview images to see what is included!



Re*Released Digital Scrapbook Kit - Papier Romantique

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
Papier Romantique
{mega*works collection}

This is a fabulous digital scrapbook kit for Valentine's Day, Teens + Tweens!  Re*released with more natural flowers and sweet embellishments to add to the romantic feel for Valentine's Day!  :)  

The digital paper collection has several pretty patterns and coordinating solids that can be mixed-and-matched.  I designed these papers with several color ways so you can create multiple pages that blend well together or create a Photobook for someone you love!

You will enjoy 80 elements, 2 alphas epoxies, 27 digital papers to stack, clip + RAK!  You can stack these papers, create strips, and to top it off there are 7 different coordinating paper ribbons and 3 fabric ribbons!

ENJOY!  See it on my ETSY HERE!


New Product: Frosty Holidays Winter Scrapbook Kit

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
Frosty Holidays
{mega*works collection}

*** $2.95 THRU MONDAY JAN. 13th 2014 ***
(Retail - $4.95)

The Frosty Holidays Frame*Works Collection is great.
What I love about the collection of vintage photos
is they are decked out in gorgeous winter hats + muffettes!

*   *   *   *   *


*   *   *   *   *

Special Thanks to Carolann Creations who customized the “Winter Frost Fairies” for this collection. Her “Winter Frosted Backgrounds” also works great with this kit.  Visit her blog and store to snag some cool goodies and have fun!  Step out of your comfort zone and do something new + different!

Above Included in the Papier Creatif *Frosty Holidays* Kit along with 2 others.


This photo of my husband and I was taken a few Christmases ago.  
We all dressed up and I snagged the chance to wear those AWESOME black velvet gloves.
For several years, I've asked family to wear a certain color palette during holidays.

*** AND ***

Guess which years Christmas photographs will stand out the most?

Guess how many laughs your kids will get from doing it? 

All the fuss and occasional drama is worth it!

It truly makes the holidays a little more festive!

Betcha some of you ladies do this too!

"Scrappers are more nostalgic and sentimental,
simply because they spend a lot of time reminiscing
about the people they love most through digi.
Every holiday page created transforms into a memory
made more precious by freezing it in time."

Here are layouts created with the kit.

Look at the versatility and fun you can have with it.



Papier Creatif Digital Scrapbook Kit - Christmas Creatif Layouts

Juls, Cheer

Catherine, Vintage Santa

Kathryn - Oh Holy Night December Calendar

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Papier Creatif's Christmas Creatif kit is rockin' the roof top!  I hear sleigh bells ringing just looking at these adorable layouts from these special ladies!  Thank you all so much for your lovely work :)  They inspire me to turn on my Christmas playlist!  Time to start decking the halls!

My parents always made the holidays special and magical for us.  From time to time, the Christmas tree theme would change.  One particular year, the tree was adorned with white feathered doves and red bows ... so sweet.  Wonderful memories ... memories that I enjoy freeze framing. No wonder I am drawn to digital scrapbooking and photography.  My creative side was inherited from my Mom and Great Grandmother, who were artists in completely different mediums.  Mom used to do tole painting; one of the Tole Painter Associations charter members, oil painting and floral arrangement.  Her Grandmother was a gifted china painter. Later, her father began oil painting in his retirement.  And while I am not the *Picaso of Digi*, I sure do love it!

I have always been the primary photographer in the family.  Always interested in old family photographs and have sentimental attachment to the old-style cameras my parents used growing up. Don't you all love looking at photos of when you were growing up decorating the tree?  Great stuff ... 

Digital Scrapbooking is truly an act of LOVE.  Those of us in the circle, know that.

When decorating for the holidays, we load and crank up the CD player!  If you guys want some great music to create a festive backdrop for Christmas decorating {and to make it more fun and not such a chore - because, come on, it's work!!!} or for your holiday dinner music, here's my personal favs listed in order.


  1. Holly & Ivy, Natalie Cole -- a TOTAL MUST HAVE!  Classic, soulful.
  2. Cool Yule, Bette Midler -- love that girl.  Not only can she act but sings with heart!
  3. Merry Christmas, Bing Crosby -- amazing how his music withstands the test of time.
  4. Merry Christmas, Baby, Rod Stewart -- what a DREAMY voice that man has!
  5. Joy to the World, Faith Hill -- a soft, religious delight.
  6. Miracles, The Holiday Album, Kenny G -- soothing instrumental, Mr. Cool, right?
  7. On This Winter's Night, Lady Antebellum -- love All I Want For Christmas Is You
  8. A Winter Symphony, European style, Total Opera Diva.
  9. Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber -- okay, I got this one for the kids, but I like to mix it up!


Papier Creatif ETSY Shop OPEN!

A n n o u n c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t

Hope you and yours had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day!  Other than some singed sweet potatoes which were "saved" by turning into whipped sweet potatoes, as well as a hot tottie tea selected specifically for our dinner toast creating a silent smile around the dinner table....  Well really, that drink would be great carried in a flask and drank during sub-degree weather by hunters, as a challenge of sorts, while staking out on deer stands.  We had a VERY BLESSED HOLIDAY!   Next time I make this concoction, a bit of clove and cinnamon will make it easier to take!  It definitely cleansed the palette! Ha! The meal was delish!  My husband made our traditional turkey and dressing - adding apples and craisins, and good old fashioned green beans with new potatoes!  My daughter baked two batched of cookies for us - a white chocolate chip cookie and a craisin and white chocolate recipe.  {Craisins are sugared cranberries that look like raisins.  They'd make a great Christmas Cookie too!}  I covered the tables with burlap, earthy candles, said our prayers and dug in!

Here's the recipe, if you missed it this Thanksgiving.


1 3/4 Cups of Gold Medal all Purpose flour
3/4 Cup of Butter or Margarine, Softened
3/4 Cup of Light Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup of Granulated Sugar
2 Tsp. of Vanilla
1 Tsp Almond Extract {if desired}
1 egg
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 Cup white Baking chips {6 oz.}
1 Cup Craisins

1.  Heat Oven to 350.  In large bowl, beat butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla, almond extract and eggs with electric mixer on medium speed until well mixed.

2.  Onto ungreased cookie sheets, drop dough by rounded tablespoons {my daughter rolled balls in hands} about 2" apart

3.  Bake 12 - 15 minutes or until light brown.  Cool 2 to 3 minutes; move from cookie sheets to cooling racks.

For those of you who follow the Papier Creatif Studio Scrapbook*Works blog, all products have been transferred to my ETSY shop!  Click on the sidebar to check it out.  In addition to my mega*works collections of digital scrapbook kits, Papier Creatif has added new section of Commercial Use digital scrapbook products { CU products } licensed for CU / PU / S4H.  They are user friendly for small business and designer digital kits.  Mass production or large commercial use requires a different license.  If you have any questions about the TOU, simply send an email.  Most inquiries for usage will be accepted.

There are some NEW CU Christmas Elements, however, the entire line is recent and has been designed specifically with industry digital designers in mind!

All kit pricing is reasonable, as the {mega*works} collections are very large with 80+ ellies and lots of papers to choose from.  You will find the kits to be ones you can rely on for great basics, as well as beautiful, unique elements!



Here's a Digital Scrapbook Freebie for your Blog {PU}!


20TWELVE Photos + Phrases - Lyrical

* L Y R I C A L *

Our DD married in June.  I was fortunate that she asked me to take her Bridal Portraits.  She put her faith in me, even as I tested out different settings.  We managed to come up with some beautiful photographs of her + that gorgeous Justin Alexander wedding gown.  This particular day, I asked her to hold her veil while the wind blew and as always, she heartfully listened.  

A lot of layering has been done in Photoshop to achieve this grungy look.  It kinda speaks vintage with a moderne twist.  Any of you preparing for Bridals, take the extra time + effort to fluff the gown, layer it artfully and let the wind blow.  Encourage the bride to pose creatively and push the limits. Eventually, your camera will find that perfect angle.  Make sure to get plenty of the full length of the gown, a lot of close-up angles and glints of the bride-to-be's personality.

Here's my Pinterest board I used for wedding inspiration.  There's some majorly cool wedding stuff on it - fashion, ideas, tabletop, jewelry, props, bridal party poses, wedding gowns - you name it!  And I have a lot of interior decorating boards as well.

The *Lyrical* 20TWELVE paper is subtle on my layout this month.  The swirls and color add some extra depth.  

Here are a few other Bridals that turned out so pretty!  As you can see, textures can dramatically change the effect of a photo.  I enjoy both - crisp + grungy!

L O V E   I S   B E A U T I F U L.


20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: September - Carnival

* C A R N I V A L *

Dear Friends + Fellow Bloggers,

{READ BELOW ABOUT MY EMMA, a little story~}

Here's the latest Monthly "On This Day" layout for my 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases project.  It started out as June's, then I decided it looked more like an Autumn layout.  So September's it is!  That means I still need to do June, July and August!  Yes, sidetracked and working on some new things. This is such a wonderful project that you can do for any year.  I am just determined to finish it because I know it is going to turn out incredible.  Nice rainy days are perfect for projects like this - time for catching up.

This is an awesome photo of Dolores Costello, grandmother of Drew Barrymore.  Here's some info on Wiki about Dolores, if you are interested.  She was deemed "The Goddess of the Silent Screen".  The French Boudoir design, her gorgeous dress and pose is riveting.  Vintage ephemera is totally my thing!

The overall layout/design took about a day to complete.  Here is a peek at the Photoshop Layers Palette to give you an idea of how various textures and blending modes were used to achieve this very layered, rich look.

Please comment and let me know what you think!

~My Em~

Okay ... most of you know that I rescued a Great Pyrenees last year.  She's about 5 or so now and has such great character.  Strong. Patient. Respectful. Beautiful. Not Demanding But Let's You Know When She Wants Some Lovin'!  :)

So, last night, we let our little pack of doggie-dogs inside and I noticed that she kind of lunged at our Papillion, Georgie.  Georgie is an athletic, super-hyper, sweet boy who loves teasing you with *Fetch* and could be a serious contender for dog agility!  Papillions are from the Spaniel family which are hunting dogs.  They are also known to be extremely quick and intelligent.  If you ever want to watch a dog doing agility, check out YouTube for Papillon Agility Contests.  It's amazing.

I mentioned it to my husband, rather concerned, because Em is very large and if she wanted could do some serious damage to a dog his size.  She had never shown any aggression towards our other dogs.  Great Pyrenees are originally French Mountain working dogs, bred to guard sheep and herds of goats, etc.  They are extremely independent, so you would not find them to be #1 in the obedience class.  They are used to making their own decisions. I could tell she was upset about something... I coaxed her inside, reassured her that everything was ok and fed her some dinner.

This morning, I let the dogs out and noticed that she immediately ran down the steps and was diligently eying Georgie again.  My other dogs were swarming around her barking.  Unfortunately, a young red squirrel had died yesterday.  Must have fallen out of a tree and/or Georgie ran it down... She had been protecting the little fellow from all the dogs yesterday.  There wasn't a bite mark on it.

I love my dog.

Thanks for visiting my blog and *Get Into Creatif Mode*!  Do something special just for YOU!



20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: May - Refreshed

Continuing the Digital Scrapbook Album project I began last year, 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases, here I am adding a new layout for the month of May!  Better late than never.  I know that this book will be beautiful when it's finished!  Super simple using the following items:

  • Papier Creatif 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases Template
  • Papier Creatif 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases *Refreshed* Background
  • Papier Creatif Golden Texture
  • Lina Cavalieri Vintage Photo
  • Vintage Brown & Blue Butterfly

I'll be sharing some tips on how to achieve this look using Photoshop CS5 and providing a quick tutorial outlining the layers and blending modes.  Very pleased with how it turned out.  It's always a surprise whenever I digi*scrap any layout!

Feel free to use the template and do your own calendar style layout that celebrates your 20TWELVE or 20THIRTEEN!

Click on the Tutorial Link in the Navigation Bar for the list of classes and Freebies. I'll be adding a link soon with information for the May kit.